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The following assets will be delisted from our exchange: ETHEREUM, ZCASH, YAH, DASH
DEPOSITS NOT ACCEPTED: If you try to deposit the above coins; your transaction will be not executed and your coins will be lost.
Because of BREXIT we will not accept anymore FIAT deposits.

SECURE YOUR ACCOUNTS WITH GOOGLE 2FA. We are not responsible if your account accessed or hacked by anyone.
Disclaimer: Cryptoplanex Exchange has no responsibility about lost funds, from forgotten passwords or hackers.
We do not have access to your accounts so keep your credentials safe. Lost passwords cannot be recovered if you haven't enable Google 2FA
Our database use strong cryptography so it is not possible to recovered by human. Cryptoplanex just offer the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies.
We have NO RESPONIBILITY if a blockchain project has problem to its chain or it is unsafe or has unvalurable code .
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